LookHere2.1 Available

Date 4-Feb-2010 22:20:09
Topic: Software News

LookHere2.1 has been released, this is a quick release to fix some severe bugs, but some features has been added as well

here is the change-log from 2.0:

- now you can navigate the GUI using the "," (comma), "." (dot) and "-" (dash) to activate the active gadget.
- Added many keyboard shortcuts to the gadgets
- Now the ESC key will exit immediatly during the drawer scanning
- Modified the feedback of the scanning drawer window, now instead of showing all analized files shows only the images found (faster because less update is needed)
- Removed some effects from the Light Effect List
- Fixed a bug in FX selection
- Added the following command line arguments:
-filename FILENAME Show the specified image in fullscreen mode
-drawer DRAWERNAME Scan the specified drawer and stats the slideshow
- Fixed the following behaviour:
When the user open the Viewer and/or Manager windows, then close them and hit the or button, at the end of the scanning this two windows were opened automatically to update the contents with the new images.
Now these windows will be updated only when the user manually will re-open them hitting on the Viewer/Managaer buttons.
- Thanks to Tomek now is available the Polish language (in two version one with international character and one without them).
- Fixed the wrong place of the Languages, Cache, Themes and Fonts of the MacOS versions (Thanks to Michael Jurisch and Tipsi).
- Renamed the file with of the MacOS versions (Thanks to Michael Jurisch).
- Improved the Loading routine, especially when the [+] switch on the Main Bar is set.
- Many people have asked for windowed thumbnails window, so here it is. I know that should be resizeable: next time you will have it
- Viewer window:
- removed the buttons OPEN DRAWER, OPEN FILES
- added button FULLSCREEN SLIDE
- renamed button PLAY to WINDOWED SLIDE
- MainBar window:
- Removed button SLIDE SHOW
- Thanks to kas1e for bug hunting and suggestions
- Fixed a bug that crashed the application when the user re-opened a window moved out of the screen. Now the window is automatically repositioned inside the screen.
- Thanks to Michael Jurisch for the German translation

Unfortunatly MacOS version are not yet available.

You can download LookHere! from OS4Depot (actually in the queue) or if you do not wish to wait or you need LookHere! for another platform follow
this link.

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