Date 11-Feb-2010 7:20:00
Topic: Internet News

Almost 3 years ago, a server I hosted on broke down. We recovered other sites that were hosted on it, but the famous website never got back online. Now, I have decided to bring it back!

There was a lot of interesting info on there as well as the image archives of many projects and the last of the big UK Amiga shows - Big Bash!

You can see the site at:

Big Bash 1 pics:
Big Bash 2 pics:
Big Bash 3 pics:
Big Bash 4 pics:

NEW for 2010! We now have a blog: - I should start posting to this starting next week. I will be covering a lot of Amiga stuff so stay tuned. Until then, there are some content for discussion at my YouTube channel,

Keep an eye on as over the next few months I will redesign the site make it SEO friendly and put the existing pages into an archive and bring new Amiga projects to the site.

Mike (A1200)

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