AresOne - big price cut

Date 12-Feb-2010 5:26:30
Topic: Announcement

Since there is no need for a Soundblaster live anymore, we could lower the price for the base System!
It includes Amiga Foever (OEM), A-live X with free (printed) Icaros desktop DVD and costs now only 339,90 Euro.

Thanks goes to Davy Wentzler for adding support for ALC888-audio-chipsets. Thank you Davy.

The AresOne is AROS dedicated and affordable PC. The mission is to boost AROS- development and get more apps. Also its like a "hey look here, this is possible with x86 - you should try it too" - message to hyperion : )
Most money, not only those 25% i spoke about before, will be reinvested in AROS and not only for AresOne exclusive. Be prepared for some big bangs this year!

Visit us on the Amiga Event 2010 in Essen, Germany and celebrate the 25 anniversary.

I'm still looking for coders!

Pascal Papara

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