aGTW Update: PS2 Putty Squad, Siegemaster, Pipeline & Rotoplex

Date 14-Feb-2010 13:43:03
Topic: News

Head over to Amiga Games That Weren't for four new entries!

Amiga Putty Squad isn't the only version of that game which wasn't released. aGTW's detour into the world of the Playstation 2 and the unreleased Putty Squad PS2 fills in some gaps about the Amiga version. Andy Roberts answers our questions.

Siegemaster is a strategy and RPG game which demonstrates that a full review in a magazine (the notoriously unreliable Amiga Action) is no indication that a game was released. We speak to Edward Grabowski about his game.

Finally, John Dale talks to aGTW about two of his games. Pipeline is an early version of the game that eventually became Pipe Mania and Pipe Dream. This pre-release version differs from the final game in a number of ways. John created another puzzler called Rotoplex. Unlike Pipeline, this game was not eventually released.

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