jahc leaves the Amiga to program iPhone games

Date 16-Feb-2010 10:22:59
Topic: Software News

Just joking, Amigas are still my passion. But I did make an iPhone game named Yay, BUNNY! for the iPhone a few weeks ago. I had trouble with the performance on the phone, and its still a little glitchy, but its pretty fun if you dont take it too seriously. :) It uses Allegro 4.9.17 and C. It's in the style of Superfrog, where you collect the collectables in order to open the exit which is located somewhere on the stage. Jump on the baddys to kill them and avoid poison apples that stun bunny momentarily.


Theres a Lite version if you wanna play Level 2 of the full version for free. If you like it you can buy the full version for $0.99 usd. Check it out on iTunes. Search for yay bunny. :)

SabreMSN is still progressing, dont worry! (that's despite me starting a software development course recently).

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