Amitopia TV 28th of February is out

Date 28-Feb-2010 20:35:58
Topic: Announcement

Hello. Last day of winter is here! Spring is around the corner, in the meantime I release Amitopia TV for you to watch and enjoy. In this show you find Amiga News, TBL with Tint demo from 1996 and a self made music video regarding Annex and their Keep the Momentum going song. If enough interest, I will release that music video on YouTube later.


15.00: Amiga News
15.05: Amiga Demo - TBL with Tint from 1996
15.20: MusicBox - Annex with Keep the momentum going

You can watch Amitopia TV show with MPlayer, VLC or any other player supporting .mp4 or watch the show Live! on Vimeo stream site



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