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Date 3-Mar-2010 0:03:01
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

There is now a thread named A-EON Frequently Asked Questions and Information in the Developer Projects Forum.
This thread will contain FAQ as well as other useful information about A-EON and AmigaOne X1000.
You can also send in your own questions to them, and there is a chance it makes it to the FAQ.

If you have a question that you would like answered, please send them by email to amigaworldfaq@a-eon.com .

""Due to the sheer volume of questions we are unable to answer every question directly, but we’ll endeavour to answer as much as we can in this thread over the coming weeks. ""

The thread itself will be locked for comments, but you are of course free to discuss it in some other thread outside the Developer Projects Forum.

A-EON Frequently Asked Questions and Information thread.

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