New AmiZilla Marketing Campaign Launched

Date 31-May-2003 16:48:11
Topic: Announcement

A new AmiZilla marketing campaign has been launched. Companies and websites that link to and promote the Dream of Netscape/Mozilla on Amiga get listed and promoted. Top Zilla Marketers are the ones that promoted AmiZilla first or come up with a very creative and interesting banner or animation for the project.

What is AmiZilla?

I think that long time Amiga user Twistin'Ghost summarizes the project best with the following press release he created.

"In need of that killer app, Amiga developer and resident platform fanatic Bill Panagouleas, of DiscreetFX, is banding together the community in a bid to lure programmers to port Mozilla to the Amiga platform. Donations are flowing in, an FAQ is in place, and a devoted Message Board are all a part of this 'homegrown' project. Panagouleas has put his money where his mouth is by donating $2000 out of his own pocket, in addition to funding the site itself.

"It's this very kind of grassroots community involvement that has helped to maintain the Amiga's status as a player in the Gen-IT realm," says Panagouleas, a former employee of Commodore Business Machines. "(Amiga users) have always been a tight-knit community that pulls together in times of need. Some very impressive development talent are already making inquiries and are showing great enthusiasm. I'm very excited."

The presence of Mozilla on the Amiga would provide additional voltage to Amiga Inc.'s upcoming launch of its much-hyped new OS4."

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