Eye Viewer SE plug-ins (68K/PPC)

Date 21-Mar-2010 11:26:34
Topic: Software News

Eye Viewer SE has the feature to use plug-ins (programmed in Hollywood), the only one currently being to convert/save the pictures. This external plug-in can be updated and improved and also ported for other systems to use the best characteristics of your Amiga system for example the CPU or OS, although the main core continues being 68k.

These plug-in needs Eye Viewer SE installed in your system, the installer will
automatically place it in your Eye Viewer's drawer.

The first plug-in for Amiga systems is for WarpOS and you can download here:


We would like to ask how many people still use WarpOS? The reason for this is because we would like to port our projects to this system (using Hollywood), for example Hadas screen saver, etc.

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