Commodore Free issue 38 released

Date 30-Mar-2010 23:45:20
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Commodore Free issue 38 has just been released.

Commodore Free is a free to download Magazine dedicated to all of the Commodore computers. It is available in the following forms:


  • NEWS
    • 64Copy receives an update
    • PS/2 PET Keyboard Adaptor
    • Amiga Virus Encyclopedia
    • VICE Updated V2.2
    • C64 Scene Website
    • IDE V4.1 Available Again
    • Star Commander Upgraded
    • Jim Butterfield Tells a Commodore Story
    • An experimental 8-bit album from LukHash
    • Protovision News Update
    • HardSID Develops New Products

  • Working PLA Replacement for my C64
  • Interview with "Gunther Schmidl" - Infocom

Documentation Website
  • CCC U.K. Mini Meeting
  • Minigrafik for the VIC 20 - Introduction
  • Minigrafik for the VIC 20
  • Interview with Michael Kircher - Creator of Minigrafik and Minipaint for the Commodore VIC-20
  • Mini Minipaint Tutorial

Articles and help with production are always wanted please contact me for details

Nigel Parker

Commodore Free Magazine
Commodore Computer club U.k.

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