Mesa3D 7.8.1 available for AROS

Date 11-Apr-2010 15:51:29
Topic: Software News

The latests version (7.8.1) of Mesa3D library is now available in AROS nightly builds.

This version takes advantage of the Gallium3D driver system which is now integrated into AROS. The choice is between nVidia hardware accelerated driver or software/CPU fall-back driver. The correct driver for your configuration is selected automatically at the 3D subsystem start based on your hardware configuration.

NOTE: To use the nVidia hardware accelerated driver, you need to have GeForce 5XXX, 6XXX or 7XXX card and start AROS in VESA mode.

NOTE: Where possible, nVidia AGP cards will take advantage of AGP transfer speeds, thanks to recent integration of AGP driver into AROS.

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