Aros and iMica’s can now read/write Amiga floppy disks with PCI Catweasel MK4.

Date 12-Apr-2010 19:36:37
Topic: Announcement

After some time tracking down a suitable developer with the skills needed to carry out this work I finally contacted Ian Gledhill in the New Year and the project for Aros based iMica’s to read and write Amiga floppy disk drives was started.

Whilst there was a bounty for this work, the hardware was not being supplied and so it never got claimed. So we supplied an iMica Atom with PCI Catweasel MK4 we brought from AmigaKit and a compatible floppy drive in February and this project is now in final testing stage.

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This project source code will reside in the Aros source library for all to use and will further support the growing realisation from most Amiga users that Aros is a very viable next generation Amiga platform freely available and running on a large amount of commodity hardware.

I would like to thanks Ian Gledhill for his professional manner and skill in this project and if you would like to beta test this and own a Catweasel MK4 PCI card then please PM me or email ian at ian.gledhill (at) or email me at

If you have a Catweasel and this has excited you, please take the time to send a donation to Ian for all his hard work at his paypal account ian.gledhill (at)

Finally, there are still some tweaks to finish this but in the end you will be able to run some Amiga 68k programs and games through Janus-UAE as well as accessing the disks from Aros and Janus-UAE. I will have this on show at the Amiga show in Bletchley in June for you all to play with.

All the best

Steve Jones

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