New AFA OS 4.7 release

Date 13-Apr-2010 13:05:03
Topic: Software News

AFA OS can install on any existing AOS 3.1 upto 3.9 install and any BBx updates and overwrite no Files of your AOS install.

It offer then many new Features.Because AOS source is not here, there is AROS source use and it is modify to reach best compatibility.


Changes for this version:

Modified the icon_lib.exe to support Peter Keunecke iconlib V46.4.133 and
newer, for that i moved the address of the structure up because Peters library
need 2kB.
Also the AmigaOS icon.library form the ROM or Libs: is now used to display the
icons with <=15Bit Workbenchscreens, so you see the icons again.
And all programs that have built in icons like KingCon work now without extern
icons, i thank Peter Keunecke for his help.

Extend intuition_lib.exe to support the following frameiclasses with the
FRAME_PROPBORDER (compatible with OS4 API)
FRAME_PROPKNOB (compatible with OS4 API)
FRAME_DISPLAYBOX (compatible with OS4 API)
IA_Orientation (compatible with OS4 API) is used to rotate the sliders.
Bumped revision to 88 to identify this changes.

Wawa added window gadgets code for screen depths <=15Bit, a known problem is
that the size gadget is not always correct centered.

Fixed a redraw problem that happend with FinalData and a gadget text problem
that happend with FinalWriter. Also fixed a Enforcer Hit that occurs while
resizing an ASL requester that is partly hidden under 3 or 4 windows and MCP
"solid window sizing" was active.

Changed OM_SET of picture_datatype.exe that its always return 0 to prevent a
double redraw of the image with WarpDatatypes and prevent the crash that
happend with the PPC versions, thanks go to Oliver Roberts for his help.
Also bumped Version to 46.9 so WarpDatatypes from Oliver Roberts support the
alpha channel, because beginning with that versions number the OS4
picture.datatype fully supports the alpha channel.

Thomas Klein modified the AfA_OS_Loader to check for existence of the
afa_system_lib.exe file instead of only the default directory or Assign. This
helps to prevent a lock of that directory and let AfA_OS start if the default
directory exists but the files are in the AfA_OS_Libs: Assign. Bumped version
to 3.0.

Thomas Klein wrote a new installer script that now full support AmiKit-systems
and don't overwrite directory icons anymore. It also has a conflict handling
for AfA_OS updates, installed with the old script on Amikit-systems >=v1.2.0.
Bumped version to 2.0.

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