Dodge These Balls available on!

Date 13-Apr-2010 22:30:43
Topic: hardware OS4

With Dodge These Balls we publish our second game for the Amiga on The game is for free, to the upload of high scores you require an active AmiBoing account (register for free at

Enjoy the game!

For more information:

To support our work, please make a small donation or buy bubbelsche Deluxe for just 5,- Euro. Thank you!!!


- Online Highscore (you need an account, register for free)
- Hardware accelerated game rendering with compositing engine
- Fullscreen and window mode
- NO SDL-port, full native Amiga OS 4.1 game!
- Playable with Keyboard, analog or digital joypad/joystick


In window mode you need to run your workbench on 32Bit colour mode (not 16bit

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