XNet-RSS 53.2 available on OS4Depot

Date 19-Apr-2010 21:06:54
Topic: Software News

XNet-RSS 53.2, a native AmigaOS4.x RSS feeds reader, is available on OS4Depot.

download here


New features added from 53.1 release:

- Prefs: added support for the notification system, this allows to read news headlines via pop-up messages (requires AOS4.1 update 1)
- Prefs: splitted RSS feeds and generals preferences tab into two tabs
- NET: on OS4.1 update 1 use the new URL Handler instead of the optional OpenURL to open the web browser on the relevant news web page
- RSS: improved RSS feeds compatibility
- GUI: added listbrowser striping for better readability
- GUI: RSS feeds groups folding/unfolding status is now saved


Max Tretene, Soft3

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