Remote Desktop client for AROS released!

Date 22-Apr-2010 22:27:23
Topic: Software News

The Remote Desktop team is pleased to announce that Remote Desktop client has been ported to AROS! It is now available for immediate download on

We would like to thank Yannick Erb for his work on the port. Without his hard work this would not have been possible!

Head over to to download.

Some of the specific features of the AROS port:

-First port using 1.6.0 rdesktop sources,
-Native AROS pointer,
-Specific GUI,
-Sound redirection isn't working (at this time)

This is the full version of the software, it is not a demo version. If you wish to make a donation, please do so on the website. If you wish your donation to be directed specifically to Yannick, please specify this when making the donation.

Donations ensure that we will be able to provide updates and bug fixes in the future.

Feedback is appreciated!
Thank you!!

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