AmiTwitter Ver. 0.29 Public Beta Release 4

Date 24-Apr-2010 17:25:57
Topic: Software News

AmiTwitter is a small program for MorphOS and AmigaOS which allows you to interact in many ways with the Twitter and TwitPic networks. It has many features and, in fact, it has more features than almost all open source Twitter clients that are currently available for other operating systems and in other programming languages. Be sure to check out the upcoming review of AmiTwitter in Amiga Future!

Changes/New Features:

Added TwitPic image upload support. The TwitPic website does not require another account, it interfaces directly with your Twitter account. TwitPic is capable of uploading only .gif, .jpg, and .png images. Moved AmiTwitter logo to 'About' page and added Tweet to main interface by popular demand. Fixed a few style guide issues: Renamed 'File' menu item to 'Project', got rid of Control-C and Control-V shortcuts. Program now displays the AmitTwitter logo icon when iconified instead of the default MUI tool. Updated Tweet output display, again by popular demand, removing extra information. Lot's of code cleanup. Thanks once again to Cyborg for the OS 4.1 compile.

More information is available here:

Files are available here for Morphos and AmigaOS 3.x/4.1:


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