NetSurf 2.5 web browser released for AmigaOS 4

Date 24-Apr-2010 23:09:07
Topic: Software News

The NetSurf developers are happy to announce the immediate availability of NetSurf 2.5. This release contains many bug fixes and improvements.

It is available to download from

Here is a change log detailing the important changes in this release:

Core / All

* Fetch improvements.
* Fix fetching from https sites with http authentication.
* Handle http authentication with no realm.
* Cookie handling improvements.
* Improved support for {min|max}-{width|height} CSS properties.
* HTML redraw optimisations.
* Improved mouse tracking over browser windows.
* Browser window status bar update rationalisation.
* Better handling of memory exhaustion.
* Made text export more robust.
* Fix relative positioning of floats.
* Align baselines of text on a line.
* HTML layout optimisations.
* Fixed HTML based box alignment behaviour.
* Sorted out default table borders.
* Updated Italian translation.
* Updated German translation.
* Allow any name for frame targets.
* Allow sending of referer when moving from http hosts to https.
* Improved stability.
* Simplified plotter API.
* Fixed memory leak in imagemap handler.
* Optimised debug rendering of box model outlines.
* Activity is indicated by 'progress' pointer.
* Ensure debug rendering outlines are plotted on top of other content.
* Now using LibCSS for CSS parsing and selection.
* Many CSS related bugs fixed.
* Rewritten cache and internal content handling.
* Fixes for file: URL handling.
* Don't try to access file: URLs through the configured proxy.
* Core widget for handling SELECT element menus.
* Core scrollbar widget used for CSS overflow and SELECT menu widget.
* Very basic quirks mode support.
* Cleaned up how the initial rendering of a content occurs.
* Command line argument handling and initialisation cleanup.
* Clearer build configuration messages.
* Favicon retrieval.
* Full page saves, including CSS and image files.
* PDF export disabled.
* Search-as-you-type page search support.

* Hubbub library (HTML parser):
+ Fixed locale problem.
+ Various improvements.

* LibCSS library (CSS parser and selection engine):
+ First release.

* LibNSBMP library (NetSurf BMP decoder):
+ Fix ICO decoding on big-endian platforms.
+ Improve inverse height calculation.

* LibNSGIF library (NetSurf GIF decoder):
+ Improve Palette entry handling.

* LibParserUtils library (parser building utility functions):
+ Fixed charset problem.
+ Various improvements.

* LibSVGTiny library (SVG support):
+ Colour component ordering fix.
+ Support arcs in paths.
+ Improve circle element handling.
+ Add ellipse element support.
+ Improve stroke width rounding.

* LibWapcaplet library (String internment):
+ First release.

RISC OS-specific

* Theme code cleanup.
* Fix possible HTTP autentication crash.
* Fix potential problem with URL completion.
* Better handling of WIMP errors.
* Fixed memory leak in path plotting. (Used for SVG display.)
* Improve launching of URIs NetSurf doesn't handle.
* New guide to building NetSurf on RISC OS.
* Simplified native build process for NetSurf and libraries.
* Multitasking behaviour changed to be kinder to other apps.
* Fixed problem loading content served locally from WebJames.
* Improved stability.
* Save complete now implemented in the core.
* Find text moved to core and crash bug fixed.

* RUfl library (RISC OS Unicode support):
+ Fixed font scan crash.
+ Faster font scanning with FontManager 3.64 or later.


* Give drawing area input focus on click.
* Added local history toolbar button.
* Improve dot and dash line patterns.
* Made throbber loading more robust.
* Improved tab handling.
* Improved status bar control.
* Faster plotting of clipped and scaled images for smooth scrolling.
* Favicon display.
* Added view source code feature.
* Added search box on toolbar.
* Theme handling.
* Toolbar customisation.
* Context sensitive menu updated.
* Improved menu structure.
* Updated for compatibility with latest GTK versions.


* Complete save support.


* Faster and more robust page plotting.
* Better clipping of plot actions.
* Smoother scrolling.
* Improved handling of tabs.
* Added UI for SSL certificate inspection.
* Improved stability.
* Better font handling.
* Added a preferences GUI.
* Better pointer handling.
* Better handling of bitmap alpha channels.
* Improved status bar.
* Added scale support.
* Improved mouse click handling.
* Keyboard shortcuts added.
* Added search bar.
* Added HelpHints.
* Theme and icon improvements.
* Handle more exotic formats dropped on text boxes, using DataTypes.
* Favicon display.
* Added search box on toolbar.


* Framebuffer handling abstracted into libnsfb library.
* Fixed throbber to show inactivity correctly.
* Improved handling of text entry into URL bar.
* Fixed redraw issues while scrolled from top and while scrolling.
* Fixed redraw issues with animated GIFs and text areas.
* Improved mouse handling.
* Fixed zero size iframe crash.
* Added full range of pointer sprites.
* Better keyboard input handling.
* Fix continual reload on pages with meta refresh.
* Improve look and placement of toolbar, icons and scrollbars.
* Internal font changed. Includes more glyphs and bold/italic.
* Improved stability.

* LibNSFB library (NetSurf Framebuffer):
+ New library.


* New front end, considered pre-alpha.

Also included are many smaller bug fixes, improvements and
documentation enhancements.

About NetSurf

NetSurf is an Open Source web browser for RISC OS, Linux and other
Unix-like platforms, and AmigaOS 4. For further information, please see
the website at

The NetSurf Developers

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