APC&TCP acquire the rights to DigiBooster Professional

Date 9-Nov-2002 22:41:44
Topic: Announcement

In a recent posting on the yahoo mailing list for digibooster, it was announced that APC & TCP have acquired all the copyright to publish and continue development of the well established tracker program DigiBooster for the Amiga.

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APC&TCP locked recently with the programmers of DBPro a contract. Thus all rights at the Program, Source and the name Digiboostepro were acquired.

Digibooster Professional is a Music-Tracker Program, which works with Samples. You can use over:

  • 60 Commands

  • up to 128 Channels

  • up to 255 Samples

  • DSP Echo

  • and many more

  • to create your own Music. Who thus already worked with programs like e.g. the Protracker, will love DBPro.
    DBPro runs completely over AHI, thus also each Sound-Card, whose driver on AHI constructs, is suporrted. Also known Modulformats will be supported. At the moment DBPro can

  • MOD (Protracker/Noisetracker)

  • DIGI (Digibooster 1.x)

  • XM (FastTracker)

  • S3M (ScreamTracker)

  • MED (Octamed & OctamedSoundStudio)

  • read and process.

    As soon as a capable programmer is found, planned the advancement of the program in large steps is to be driven ahead.

    Furthermore is planned for future versions to publish the program instead of Disks on CDs.

    Detailed informations about the program can you find on the APC&TCP Homepage. The Homepage was updated this week.

    In the future APC&TCP will work together very closely with the DigiBoosterPro Community.

    Thus Dennis Lohr (Psyria) takes over the support for this extensive program for example.

    So that the support for the program runs off as uncomplicatedly as possible, also specially a forum was furnished, which is attainable over the Community, APC&TCP as well as the Amiga Future Homepage.

    We would be pleased, if you would write your suggestions for improvements and new features for DigiBoosterPro into the support forum.

    Thus you can reach us :

    Vertrieb : http://www.apc-tcp.de
    Community : http://www.digiboosterpro.de
    Support-Forum APC&TCP : http://www.amigafuture.de/forum/index.php?c=3
    Support-Forum DigiBoosterPro : http://www.amigafuture.de/forum/index.php?c=4
    Vertrieb (Email) : info@apc-tcp.de
    Support (Email) : Psyria@apc-tcp.de
    Andreas Magerl

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