AWompetition2, deadline this weekend

Date 30-Apr-2010 5:45:57
Topic: News

Don't forget to enter the AW 25th Anniversary Celebration Puzzle Competition.
Last date to enter the competition is Sunday May 2nd 00:00 CET.

Prizes for the 25th Amiga Anniversary Puzzle Competition have been donated by the following Companies and individuals:

1st Prize: A1-X1000 computer - donated by Trevor Dickinson & A-EON Technology
2nd Prize: AmigaOS4 for PPC equipped Classic Amiga's - donated by Hyperion Entertainment
3rd Prize Hollywood 4.5 for Amiga flavors donated by Airsoft Softwair
4th Prize: Amiga Forever 2009 - donated by Cloanto
5th Prize Amiga Future Mouse mat donated by Amiga Future

Community Prize - Competition Pro Classic joystick - donated by Amigakit
Special Community Prize - Hyperion-Entertainment Games Pack - donated by Hyperion Entertainment

Full details of this competition can be found here.

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