3D Software "Blender" updated!

Date 7-May-2010 20:57:48
Topic: Software News

o blender could crash in the GHOST_Window destructor if some resources hadn't been allocated. (FIXED)
o Render Window Timer process now has a meaningful name
o Render Window Timer process now only uses 32Kb stack
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o Absolute paths were treating as relative on the command line
o Fixed a problem with loading from a library with a relative windows path
o Blender now sets it public screen as a public screen ...
o The animation player now starts on the same public screen as the main blender program.
o The direction of the mouse wheel was reversed. NB If you liked the behaviour of the mouse wheel zoom in the 3D view, you can restore it by selecting Invert Zoom, in the user prefs panel, "Views & Controls" tab.
o Fixed bug with relative paths, files in the same directory could not be loaded correctly due to an extra '/' added during the path conversion process.
o blender no longer attempts to find libtiff.so on a unix style search path
o removed extraneous debug output
o ffmpeg compiled as a separate shared object, altivec build of libbffmpeg.so included
o rendering the "stamp" could cause a crash due a uninitialised interface

AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1 or above. Update 2 or above recommended.
MiniGL 2.2 or above (2.2. should be provided with AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1)

Download here from OS4Depot.

Thanks go to broadblues for this update!

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