Amiga Future Issue 84 is now available

Date 8-May-2010 9:11:21
Topic: News

Issue 84 of Amiga Future (May/June 2010) has been released today.

This means that all subscriptions, pre-orders and dealer supplies have been shipped.

Besides many other reviews there are reviews of Bubbelsche Deluxe, YAM 2.6, AmiPodder and a first preview of Zelda.

Special features in this issue:

- new information regarding the AmigaOne X1000
- exclusive interview with Hyperion

On the cover CD aside many full versions and PD software On the cover CD you can find the full versions of Blitzbasic, Der Clou, Datastorm, Guldkorn Expressen, Das Boot and Blue Max.

A more detailed description of content and excerpts can be found at:

The Amiga Future is available as an English or German printed magazine directly from the editorial office and from some Amiga dealers like APC&TCP, Alinea, AmigaKit, ASB, GGS Data, Hast, Voxel, Samuli and Vesalia. Of course we are always looking for other dealers interested in adding the Amiga Future to their range of products.

If you are interested in offering the Amiga Future to your customers simply send us an email.

The Amiga Future is available as either a single issue or by subscription, either with or without a cover CD.

Order at:

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