A/NES Pro v1.00

Date 8-May-2010 14:16:26
Topic: Software News

Today, thirteen years ago, A/NES was given birth. And today, it's time to announce the sequel of A/NES, entitled A/NES PROFESSIONAL.
This is the emulator that I've been working on the last couple of weeks and I think it's ready for a public release now. However, due to complexity of the NES, there's still a few bugs to fix.

A/NES PRO is for high-end Amigas. It's not something you want to try on your 68030. Minimum recommended setup is atleast a 50Mhz 68060 CPU (and overclocked is even better). The reason for these high requirements is that I wanted to create an accurate emulator. I am not there yet, but it's a start. :). A/NES PRO was inspired and designed with the NatAmi in mind.

Anyway, let's skip the tech-stuff, here's the news:
* Completely rewritten graphicsengine. Alot more accurate and nice looking, but also slower. :)
* Implemented "frameskip" option in preferences-section.
* ROMs can now be started from Shell, using "anes ".
* CPU-core bugfixes.
* Partial one-screen mirroring implemented (RC Pro Am)
* Mapper 87 implemented.

Parts of the new graphicsengine:
* Graphics are now handled as chunky- data instead of planar. More accurate at cost of performance.
* Sprite priorites implemented (sprites can appear behind background).
* CHR-bank swapping are now done entirely by using pointers instead of moving data. Many thousand percent faster than previous gfxengine.
* Screen-mirroring are now handled correctly and uses pointers instead of moving data (=alot faster). Games like Metroid and Zelda2 now works properly.
* Now uses C2P (Chunky2Planar) code by Mikael Kalms. Both 68060 and 68030 optimized versions included.

You may also have noticed that I've added a paypal-donate button my page. Feel free to use it if you'd like to encourage me to improve A/NES PRO even more in the future.


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