First videos of AROS Broadway-small distribution- and AMClite

Date 8-May-2010 19:23:27
Topic: Software News

I'm working on a small AROS distribution called Broadway. It will come for x86, x64 and ppc. The x64-version will be the last one. I'm using a low version number because i plan some big things.
What it is already:
-a slim-lined distribution (for every task a app but not more)
-Online Updates for the included apps and core parts (no need to download a complete new iso - in theory you could install in ten years Broadway 0.02 to let it update itself to the latest and greatest)
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Amistart replaced by a configurable quickstarter (we have to think about a name for this- it is done by Allanon)
-Preconfigured for AresOne/Imica and compatibles

What i plan for this:
Printing support, Hollywood port for AROS PPC -> Broadway for SAM, Hollywood for x64-> moving to x64. Support for a coreboot based BIOS replacement (AresOne and ARES2)
Btw. the ARES2 will be no replacement, the AresOne will be still available as "cheap" entry-system. Since the ARES2 is not based on normal PC-Hardware, it will be a little bit expansive : )
I'm a individualist and i want a very own computer : )

Why the name "Broadway" ? Yeah first I thought because of ARES and AROS to use AREOS, but since Allanon and me have some further projects in our mind (which will blow yours ) i came from Hollywood to Broadway. Why Broadway at all? Because as i started the Ares-project i had already a own distribution in my head for my AresOne( and especially ARES2 with a custom mainboard). The reason to begin now was just that i need some thing happen a little bit faster (or JIT), also i want to give AROS another face and i hope to get x64 supported a little bit earlier. I'm not starting a war against IcAROS, IcAROS will move also to a slim distribution concept and I'm open to share everything with Paolo. Also i will still bundle IcAROS with my systems.

Ok now the interesting part:
AMC has become a little brother called AMClight (also for AROS,MOS and AOS)
Viva Allanon! And Thank you Deadwood

Videos can be found here(Post 1 + 2):

I plan to make AROS attractive for a broader audience - so i will show this year printing (not cups)- which has prevented me a little from doing it.

PS: I still have to send AmigaForever to some early adopters - thanks for your patience - you get it next week

PPS: Sorry for my English

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