OS4 Programming Guide: Website Officially Launched

Date 13-May-2010 14:15:24
Topic: Announcement

Following the discussions in this thread and in this poll, work began some weeks ago on the OS4 Programming Guide.

Today, the OS4PG team is happy to announce the official launch of the OS4PG website.
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The main purpose of the website is to help the various contributors work together, share their drafts etc before producing the final guide.

In addition, we are hoping to provide a comprehensive list of other useful sites already out there: all members can add links to the wiki.

If you wish to help out with the OS4PG, please use the website to express your interest. We already have sufficient testers, proof-readers etc, but would welcome more writing contributors.

PS: Hyperion know about us and support what we are doing. There are a number of OS4 developers, beta-testers and 3rd party developers already committed to the project.

PPS: Contributors: now I'm back home, I'll be nagging for your first drafts soon - get writing!

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