Amiga used in prior art lawsuit (IP Innovation v. Red Hat/Novell)

Date 15-May-2010 4:05:42
Topic: Internet News

From the "You'll never know where the Amiga will turn up next department" Groklaw has posted an interesting article about an Amiga 1000 being used for proof of prior art in a lawsuit between IP Innovation and Red Hat/Novell.

"Now, one can never say for sure what it was that turned the tide with a jury, unless they tell us, which they haven't. But it surely helped to have three examples of prior art, one of which was used in a live demo. And from reading the transcripts of the trial, I can surely say it ought to be what did it, or at least had to be a major piece."

So when the owner of the Amiga heard the news, guess what he had to say?

" Apparently my habits of being an eclectic collector of historic computer gadgetry** and my work in restoring a 1986 Amiga 1000 system to its multi-screen, muti-tasking glory as prior art evidence for a Red Hat Linux patent fight paid off:

My Amiga Killed a Troll! "

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