AFA OS zune 1.0

Date 16-May-2010 19:12:57
Topic: Software News

zune final for support to render of frameiclass.

Please install first AFA 4.7

The newest MUI mcc konvertet to zcc classes (which are tested and work ok on zune) are attached too. (Read more)

zune is written that it can work together with MUI and zune did not overwrite any MUI file.
The zune installer needs to convert some MUI classes to the zune folder.

If you use zune as a Replacement for MUI with zune promoter, please read carefully the FAQ as to which programs are tested and work.

Because legal MUI API misses lots of features, and stuntzi do not add this in a clean way, many programs will possibly use some of the undocumented features see here.

So there needs to be other programs tested; currently not many have been added in the working list, so please report if you find other programs that work. The most important programs such as MIAMI, scout, YAM and simple Mail, will of course work with zune

But please report programs for work only if you use this programs and do further testing.

Best use for testing are the recommended developing tools such as enforcer or muga, wipeout or memtracker.

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