Third Amiga World 25th Anniversary AWompetition Winner

Date 2-Jun-2010 18:15:35
Topic: News

Not content with winning your admiration , and the Community Prize in the process, Ventzislav Tzetkov aka drHirudo has gone and done it again by winning the "Amiga" Related Images prize.
Somehow he managed to find 36 "Amiga" items in the Anniversary Puzzle and also counted an impressive 62 out of a possible 63 Amiga images.
The next nearest entry managed 31 items and 57 images.
Along with his prize we are considering sending Ventzislav a pair of reading glasses as he's probably developed eye strain following his amazing performance.
Anyway congratulations once again!

And many thanks again to Airsoft Softwair for donating the excellent Hollywood - Cross-Platform Multimedia Application Layer for the "Amiga" related Images Prize.

A complete answers sheet will be produced in PDF format at the end of the whole competition.

Details of the whole competition here

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