Special offer: Mediator + Radeon 9200 + 256MB

Date 8-Jun-2010 15:29:55
Topic: Hardware News

Elbox Computer is pleased to announce the bundle offer of a newest version of the Mediator PCI busboards for A3000 and A4000 computers with a special 5V-only version of the Mobility Radeon 9200 gfx card with 256 MB of the fast SGRAM memory.

In this offer you receive not only the best Amiga PCI buboard, but also the fastest Amiga gfx card equipped with the analogue SVGA and digital DVI output and 256MB of the fast SGRAM memory. You can freely decide how many of the SGRAM memory will be used by the P96 gfx system and how many of this memory will be added to the Amiga memory system as a Zorro III Fast RAM. In example you can assign 32MB for P96 and 224MB as a Zorro III Fast RAM, see the screenshot.


The prices (VAT included):
Mediator PCI 3/4000T MK-II + Radeon 9200 + 256MB --- 255.95 EUR
Mediator PCI 4000Di MK-II + Radeon 9200 + 256MB --- 269.95 EUR
Mediator PCI 3000D MK-II + Radeon 9200 + 256MB --- 319.95 EUR
Mediator PCI 4000D MK-II + Radeon 9200 + 256MB --- 319.95 EUR

For the list of currently supported PCI cards in the Mediator PCI busboards see Mediator Driver Guide.

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