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Date 11-Jun-2010 14:30:11
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It's time for a bumper update of Amiga Games That Weren't!

The Harold the Hairy Hermit entry has been revisited to add some more input from its musician, Kevin Osborne, and second programmer, Nigel Critten. Kevin has also kindly supplied some MP3s of the game's score.

Kinetica's Saragossa was to follow the developer's The Gold of the Aztecs. Graphic artists Ray Coffey and Jack Wikeley talk about this sci-fi game.

UK readers of The Beano will probably be familar with The Bash Street Kids. Alternative Software had acquired the licence and were in the process of creating a platform game. David Tolley has dug out some of his artwork for this game and reveals more about it.

Shade is the third entry in our series of Amiga Doom clones. Shade was to have been a first person RPG game utilising the impressive "TextDemo" engine. John Hendrikx, Zak Jarvis and Michael A. Krehan recall this project.

Hidden Treasures, the developers of Starray and Amiga Prospector in the Mazes of Xor were working on a platform shooter called Randolph the Robot. Programmer Erik Von Hesse recalls what became of Randolph.

Gore was a pre-Lemmings and technically ambitious DMA Design game that was being programmed by Dave Jones. The artist behind Menace and Blood Money, Tony Smith, talks about the game.

Paul Holmes' game Hunter will be familiar to most Amiga gamers. Paul worked on an unfinished CRL game called Siege On London a 3D H.G. Wellsian shooter about aliens attacking the UK's capital and answers our questions.

Finally, we talk to Steve Vestergaard about his caterpillar-to-butterfly puzzler Creepers. Although published by Psygnosis for the PC, the Amiga version wasn't released.

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