LoView 1.85 OUT! :D --- NOW with Thumb Viewer :) ---

Date 12-Jun-2010 14:11:02
Topic: Software News

I've just uploaded a new version of LoView at OS4Depot(maybe it was still in download queue...)

As described in the readme currently I'm without and internet connection(I'm moving from my old home top the new and probably I'm can connect again for start of July...) at my home so plz use the mail address:


If you like to write me something, BUT don't expect fast replies!
I can connect only in the weekends and not so often...

Coming back to LoView the main news was the Thumb Viewer(with Exif thumb reading capability) program that works in parallel of LoView...
If LoView was open and you click on a thumb the image was send directly to LoView...
If LoView was closed it was started from the LoViewThumb :)

Any feedback was really appreciated!

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