Amiga Point of View Issue 4 Published

Date 14-Jun-2010 16:21:53
Topic: News

Issue 4 of free PDF magazine Amiga Point of View is finally here! The fourth issue is filled with 120 pages of splendid Amiga content such as:

Reviews of... Leander, Dragon's Breath, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, Operation Wolf, Cabal, Cavitas, Pinball Fantasies, Akira, The King of Chicago, WWF Wrestlemania P.D. games.

Articles about... Amiga Doom clones, emulators that run on the Amiga and strange licences.

Walkthroughs, Hints And Maps... Into the Eagle's Nest and Colorado.

Also... News, mini-articles, letters, adverts, back page.

Thanks go to our contributors (David Muscat, Sebastian Rosa).

Download the issue at:

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