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Date 15-Jun-2010 22:03:19
Topic: News

After messing it up a little bit i got it at the point where i think i don't need to feel ashamed : )

You can now download a preview of Broadway (0.0.2R6). I planed to release it later but time is money or in this case i just thought every user can provide his thoughts on it.
So far it includes every app i would use..... now it's your turn:
tell me what app you are missing or which alternative you would prefer!

The concept of Broadway is to have for every task "one" application. The apps i have choosen will be supported to get them better and better. If i get donations /or sell machines(there is no option yet) i will share it with the active or passive involved developers.

Broadway is preconfigured for AresOne, Ares Ark, and Imica systems but it supports everything AROS does.

After finishing the x86-Version i will start with the PPC-Version(Hosted for Ibooks/powerbooks which i plan to sell as used looking forwar to a tripple boot MOS,OSX,Broadway, and of course SAM). Finishing means that all features i wrote on are ready.... focus is now on AMC.

Important: This is just a preview, there is a bug which moans about missing DH0 when booting from CD. This happens if there is no AROS partition on the Harddisk. After installation it will never come back. But i will fix it shortly.

I plan to update Broadway on a weekly base. You can grab the update via Up2date from Broadway. You can find it in the Quickstarter under "Tools".
Up2date will not download a new ISO, it will download and update only new apps system-files if needed. Ne systemfiles will be only offered after testing them.

The next iso will not have any Developer-tool included (except those needed to run some apps) - Developer Tool can be downloaded soon as "optional" Update via Up2date. This make the iso smaller and i save bandwith and money ; )

First updates will include
Wallpaper in several sizes
youtube player "ytdl"
bugfixes (DH0-requester for example)
optimized quickstarter layout (it's configurable) - the quickstarter is done by Fabio"Allanon"Falcucci with Hollywood.
More Tutorial-videos (Broadway-Guide) i need to cut them a little

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