New Pacific Northwest Commodore clubs

Date 15-Jun-2010 21:06:05
Topic: Announcement

Earlier today I got off the phone with Sean R. who had given me more information about two new Commodore clubs in the Pacific Northwest. First is the Portland Commodore User Group (PDXCUG). This club seems to be Commodore 8-bit only. PDXCUG meets at 7 p.m. every second Thursday of the month. It's at the Sunset Lanes bowling alley in Beaverton (west Portland, OR area). And it's in a private meeting room there. Ah, Commodore and bowling... a match made in heaven. ;) The website is

Then there is the Commodore Computer Club a.k.a. the C64 Club in Vancouver, Washington, across the river from Portland. This club supports all Commodore and Amiga computers. Right now meetings are every Friday evening at Sean's house, but as things settle down, a once-a-month meeting on Friday will be held at a pizza parlor which is being constructed right now. (Hmm, another club... another pizza parlor. :))

For more information, go to For a personal response about either club, contact Sean at the e-mail address listed at

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