WolnyCD_CX 0.3

Date 15-Jun-2010 22:07:57
Topic: Software News

Dariusz Gawerski released a new version of WolnyCD_CX. This tool gives you the possibility to set the speed of any CD drive. It should work with most of the ATAPI drives and part of the SCSI drives. It makes the drive to be more silent and in most cases it improves and speeds up CD read.

In a new version there is a new COMMAND option. Using it you can automatically run any other tool. By definition it should help you to handle CD/DVD discs more easier (it works with any drive). Furthermore, option PREFS was fixed as well as execution of the program itself.

In the archive you will find executable for AmigaOS 3.x (68k) and MorphOS and source codes.

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