Fifth AmigaWorld 25th Anniversary AWompetition Winner

Date 17-Jun-2010 12:42:03
Topic: News

Part 5: Identify the Mystery Spaceman

“Use the riddle identify the name of the historical Amigan inside the spacesuit”

Thanks to the combined riddles skills and twisted minds of Andrew Korn and TrevorDick we are pleased? to announce that none of you correctly identified the Mystery Amigan in the spacesuit. Therefore we decided that the “Amiga Forever” prize would be split equally between Andrew and Trevor. However since Trevor already has a copy of “Amiga Forever” and Andrew doesn’t own a Windows PC we were forced to give you all a second chance, and some more clues!

Somehow, at the second attempt, at least five of you managed to decipher the riddle’s mind numbing clues using a combination of tea leaves, runes and inspired guesswork and of course correctly answered that David (Dave) Needle, original Amiga hardware designer of the Agnus chip and system board (etc) was the Mystery Amigan inside the spacesuit.

Therefore the hardworking AmigaWorld Moderators were once again called in to exercise their collective brain cell and this time they chose drhir... stop it now!
Sorry this time Gabriele Peterle a.k.a. Peterray was chosen as the lucky winner!

Congratulations to Peterray who will receive a copy “Amiga Forever”, the premier Classic Amiga Emulation & History package donated by Cloanto.

And many thanks again to Cloanto for your generous donation.

A complete answers sheet will be produced in PDF format at the end of the whole competition.

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