Part 6: Ultimate Amiga Geeks

Date 18-Jun-2010 11:17:17
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And so we come to the final part of the great AWompetition to celebrate the Amiga's 25th Anniversary.
To get this far you have been able to identify at least 100 "Amiga faces" and 25 Amiga images with the correct quantity of each. You also managed to find 28 Boing Balls and correctly identified Dave Needle as the mystery Amigan in the spacesuit.

It's been a long hard road and many have fell by the wayside, turned crossed eyed by red & white checked balls or brain dead trying to solve a riddle worthy of the Sphinx. Unbelievable there are still four of you in with a chance of claiming the grand prizes: an AmigaOne X1000 computer donated by Trevor Dickinson & A-EON Technology; and a copy of AmigaOS4 for Classic donated by Hyperion-Entertainment

The four finalists are (in no particular order):

Gabriele Peterle aka Peterray
Hannu Kuittinen aka Hanzu
Ventzislav Tzvetkov aka drHirudo
Juan Carlos Oviedo Olmedo aka ovi

We would like to congratulate all the finalists in recognition of the achievement as ultimate Amiga geeks. Well done!
The 2nd prize winner will be announced during this weekend at VCF:

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