AmigaWorld 25th Anniversary AWompetition Second Prize Winner

Date 2-Jul-2010 2:30:19
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Four finalists fight for the final prizes

The total scores are counted, back and forth, double checked.

These four have managed to correctly identify at least 100 "Amiga faces" and 25 Amiga images with the correct quantity of each, as well as found 28 Boing Balls and solved the difficult "needle in a haystack" riddle, where the correct answer was Dave Needle as the mystery Amigan in the spacesuit.

Unfortunately; there can be only one !

Winner of the 2nd Prize: AmigaOS4 for PPC equipped Classic Amiga's - donated by Hyperion Entertainment is.....

Hannu Kuittinen aka Hanzu
Well done and congratulations!

And many thanks to Hyperion Entertainment for the generous donation.

The three remaining finalists in this competition are (in no particular order, hopefully preventing them from going ):

Gabriele Peterle aka Peterray
Ventzislav Tzvetkov aka drHirudo
Juan Carlos Oviedo Olmedo aka ovi

A complete answers sheet will be produced in PDF format at the end of the whole competition.

Part 5 winner:

Part 4 winner

Part 3 winner

Part 2 winner

Part 1 winner

All about the competition

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