FFmpeg 0.6 released for AmigaOS 4

Date 8-Jul-2010 15:13:29
Topic: Software News

June 15th saw the completion and release of FFmpeg 0.6. Now it comes to the AmigaOS platform.

Since the last SVN build of FFmpeg for OS4, it now supports Deluxe Paint animations, CD Graphics, Apple Core Audio, Chinese AVS video, Adobe Filmstrip, Dolby TrueHD, Sony Wave64, Psygnosis YOP, VP8 video, WMA 9 Professional, Blu-Ray audio, DivX subtitles, the WebM file format, support for RTMP streams and much more.

It comes in both a Generic PPC and Altivec version (supplied as a .gpatch file).

It should, with some luck, work on OS4.0.

Also included is FFplay, a video player similar to MPlayer, supporting all the formats and codecs of FFmpeg, but will likely require OS4.1 Update 1 or better for the SDL library it is built with, and a fast CPU.

x264 encoding is broken and has bad quality, but has been included anyway. It may work properly on machines with Altivec support. This is yet to be tested.

ffmpeg 0.6 and libx264 revision 100 have incompatible default settings. Due to this, .ffpreset files can be used and are included. libx264 encoding was not available in the previous OS4 port. No functionality has been lost.

You can download it from OS4Depot.

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