Gallium3D Bounty for AROS Completed

Date 16-Jul-2010 22:41:35
Topic: Software News

The Gallium3D Bounty is now considered complete. The bounty started almost a year ago with a goal of bringing modern OpenGL library to AROS. The results of the work are available in AROS Nightly Builds and include:

* mesa.library - the latest version of Mesa3D library which implements OpenGL API
* gallium.library - a client library allowing other modules to access 3D rendering capabilities. This can be used by clients like OpenGL, OpenVG or OpenCL (in future)
* software 3D driver - rendering emulation using CPU. Works on any system where hardware 3D is not available
* hardware 3D rendering for nvidia cards - supporting GeForce 5XXX cards and newer provides hardware rendering capabilities

As as additional bonus, the bounty brought a new 2D accelerated driver for the complete GeForce family as well as AGP support for some mother board chipsets.

I would like to thank you everyone who donated to this bounty as well as members of AROS community who helped me with testing the drivers on their systems. If you are interested in details of this work, please visit:

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