GORCE ported to AmigaOS4

Date 18-Jul-2010 4:26:03
Topic: Software News

After seeing a video posted in this forum where the AROS development was visualised, I got curious and wanted to see it myself, in realtime.
Well, not AROS in particular, but a CVS repo being visualised. The geek in me took over and I ported GOURCE, and now you can watch it yourself, in realtime under AmigaOS4.


The screenshot might be nice, but seeing it in motion is really nice!

I have tested it with the CVS log from the LAME project.
In order to create the log i went to this page:


and followed the instructions on how to make GOURCE work with CVS
projects. What wasn't mentioned in that page is that the log produced
was packed. To make it work, be sure to unpack the log before running
it through GOURCE.

My testlog is included in this archive, to try it out just type:

gource.exe lame.log

Also, make sure you install libpcre before running the app.
Find it here:


That should be all, have fun!


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