Amiga Event Essen (Germany)

Date 21-Jul-2010 20:43:19
Topic: Events

The big day is nearly upon us: 25 years of Amiga! On July 23rd 1985 the Amiga was presented to a wondering audience of experts. Exactly 25 years later, at the Amiga-Event 2010 on Saturday, July 24th in Essen (Germany), we will not only celebrate, but there will be many new items:

A.Eon will show the revision 2 of the Nemo motherboard. Two running Amiga One X1000, as they will be delivered to the beta-testers later this year, will be at the event. Hyperion made great progress too. AmigaOS 4.1 is running more stable than ever on the fast CPU. Amikit from the UK will show the new AmigaOne keyboards. The Amistore of will sell new and refurbished Amiga hardware.

And three young ladies will be our surprise-guests: Monica, Linda, Mary and Andrea! We won't tell you more.

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