Amitopia TV wishes Happy 25th

Date 24-Jul-2010 16:21:34
Topic: News

I have to say a big thank's to everyone still supporting Amiga and those contributing and making me continue doing Amitopia TV.

Amitopia TV will be here as long as you want it to serve and give good Amiga information in living pictures. I aim at be better for each releases and do contribute! Let Amitopia TV let the world know about Amiga. Also constructive suggestions to the show is welcome.

Amitopia TV is done in my free time and I enjoy using TvPaint, Titler, Showgirls, Blender and FCP for production of the show.

Very soon, hope to give you a full show with video and pictures from Amiga show in Essen.

Michal Bergseth

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