Blu manager V0.5 released

Date 28-Jul-2010 11:30:45
Topic: Software News

Blu manager V0.5 has been uploaded to the depot.

You can find it here.

Blu manager is a database program for your blu ray collection.
It has its own(and small atm) online database.

* The delete button could be activated if one just opened the about window and closed again. Has been removed for now.
* Added print button. Let's you print the list on paper.
* Downloads the database.txt on startup. Before it was never updated.
* Fixed some typos in the database.
* Changed to listbrowser in about window.
* Added more space to the first column(number).

Requires Wget in C dir and online connection.

Please read the readme for more info and some info on how to use it.

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