The new AresOne

Date 31-Jul-2010 23:45:35
Topic: Announcement

Hello friends,
it is time to start again. And this time it's nearly perfect

Vesalia has now some holidays but after this it is launch time.

To make thing cheaper for you I offer the following discounts:

I. On

1. If you register yourself on you will get a 3% discount (lifetime) this includes the order of an AresOne on (this offer stays for one month / 30 days)

2. If you bought A-live X already you get the money back if you buy an AresOne on

3. A-live X is now cheaper. The Physical package costs now only 18.90 Euros (7 Euro less) and the download version 15.90 (3 Euro less)

4. Also I offer Soundblaster live cards for 10 Euro including 12 month warranty, for those who have a unsupported onboard-card.

Another way to save 3% is to make a new AmigaFuture subscription but please wait until this will officially announced in the next AmigaFuture.

Oh and one bonus will be that i have 4 Audio Evolution licenses to give away. One will go already to france and one for me : )

During the comming week every already registered customer will get also the 3% discount for the future.

BUT you will get max. 3% off + the money back for A-live... you cant add the AmigaFuture discount to the sum!

Best Regards,

BTW. ArtEffect will be added too again since it works like a charm This advert is not the final.


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