ffmpegGUI v2.3 released on OS4Depot - Supports ffmpeg 0.6

Date 1-Aug-2010 15:02:02
Topic: Software News

Version 2.3 adds support for the latest version of ffmpeg v0.6. It also adds settings and a settings file for iphone support.
See history below for a full list of changes.

ffmpegGUI v2.3 - a GUI front end for the OS4 compile of the ffmpeg program.

History: (Changes since last release. See archive for complete history)

Version 2.3 (Released Version)
Modified to support new version 0.6 version of ffmpeg.
(Note: older version still supported for now.)
ffmpeg v0.6 doesn't support audio codec amr_wb, will encode with amr_nb instead.
(Note: older version of ffmpeg still supports arm_wb)
Added video size of 480x320 for iPhone support.
Added quck setup file in devices directory for iPhone.
Modified so filename in "Output" gadget is not updated to display file extension.
Prevents stacking of file extensions when file extension is changed.
Hints for checkboxes now work due to fix in SDK.

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