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Date 9-Aug-2010 13:09:59
Topic: Announcement

Hello friends,
I have a bit much around my head (private, job, Broadway, AresOne). I was on the hunt for TV- livestreams to include a small collection in AMC. The list can be updated by the user too.

Now the problem is that I found not a "list", but instead you have to look manually for those streams. Takes time which I just do not have at the moment.

I would like to start a contest:

First prize: AudioEvolution4 (AROS), AMC (AROS, AOS or MOS), A-live X (physical)
Second prize: AMC (AROS, AOS or MOS), A-liveX (Physical)
Third prize: AMC (AROS, AOS or MOS)
4th: A-live X download only (unlimited updates)

The winner will be the person who gives us the most (in numbers) "working" stream-urls.

The url must work with our(AROS) mplayer.
- Channel Name
- Resolution
- Bandwidth Kbps (approximate)
- Language
- Country
- Genre

The deadline is September the 15th 2010. Special day for me

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