Netherlands Commodore Show - August 21

Date 12-Aug-2010 21:44:06
Topic: Events

Saturday, August 21, the Netherlands Commodore Show reappears at the Trefpunt, Kerkweg 21, in Maarssen, Holland from 10:00 until 16:00. The theme for this show is SID and Amiga music, and everybody is invited who can show or demonstrate music on their C64 and Amiga computer. Wilfred Bos will show his ACID64 project with a HardSID4U and HardSID UPlay. Also he will show a C64 with a SID player on a new 1541 Ultimate II card drive.

More spectacular news is that this time there will be a special Atari and MSX corner! Of course, there will a lot to do all day around the Amiga and Commodore computers. Entrance is free.

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