Broadway 0.0.2R8 released (AROS)

Date 19-Aug-2010 17:49:13
Topic: Software News

AROS Broadway is based on AROS.
AROS is a free and open source implementation of the AmigaOS 3.1 APIs.

Full of features but also a lightweight LiveCD.

Changes in 0.0.2R8

- reworked quickstarter layout and graphics
- added a second layout for people who like to have the dock on the side (can be changed via the starter->prefs->qstarter) changes will be saved
- click2front is now standard
- fixed some errors
- added: ArosVNC
- added: SabreMSN

- added: OpenUniverse
- added: latest Youtube downloader
- refined a bit the decoration
- updated all included apps
- added: muibase
- added grafx
- added SCANdal
- added scout
- latest AMIFIG Suite 0.4
- added Bigband
- added MathX
- added ResCode
- added GianaSister32K (DOSBOX)
- added Xrick with sound
- can be that i forgot one or two things : )

On the AROS-side you will find some improvements too. For example the new scroll feature in the shell. Well it is still no perfect but it make already fun.

Now JanusUAE is fully working. Just insert the AmigaForever CD and navigate to classic->AmigaForever this will install it. Warning! It takes time and you may like to watch the new AMC demo in the meanwhile(icon on desktop).

The Introvideo is now shorter - runs fluid on every hardware. Also it is not shown during boot up, instead it will be shown after a succesful installation only.

I changed the dosbox config a bit because the new AresOne is a little bit faster which leads to some sound problems. It's now a compromise (you can play with frameskipping, if this doesn't help, try to edit the config files with an editor)

I would like to now if it can be installed without problems on a USB stick. In theory it should work in the same way you would install IcAROS on a stick.

Some things on my personal todo list aren't done yet but will follow in a short time.

Best Regards,

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