iBatch 1.0 / Image batchconverter release countdown

Date 31-Aug-2010 22:22:54
Topic: Announcement

iBatch will be released very soon. Accompanying that, the iBatch Website will be revealed:


Website will be updated on a nearly daily basis with feature list, screen shots etc.. The countdown finishes off with the possibility to register. If you register, you will get the English release version of iBatch 1.0 before anyone else. You get it therefore prior to release on aminet or my homepage. So watch this space...

About iBatch:
iBatch allows you to convert selected images in a given dir (sourcedir) into different image formats. On the way you can also define the size, resizing quality, left/right rotation, name/auto-numbering and compression rate. All of the above mentioned parameters can be presented in a conversion file. This allows you to choose a conversion file and to process all selected images accordingly.

Regards Gero Birkenfeld (aka gerograph)

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